ISOLEADER SRL was founded in 1988 as a company specialized in cutting EPS and suppling of insulation slabs for buildings. Over the years the company has specialized in the assembly of materials by gluing becoming one of the most important sandwich panel maker in the Italian and Souther Europe market.
ISOLEADER focused its resources on the aluminum frames fabricator, with the goal of providing innovative solutions and infill panels for heat and sound insulation of windows and doors.

To this purpose, ISOLEADER has articulated its production into two parts:
one following the production of standard infill panels, suitable to be distributed through retailers; especially retailer of hardware for windows and doors.
The other half is dedicated to directly meet the needs of those Customers who want products and solutions so complexes to require customized design and processing.

ISOLEADER serve the aluminum frames fabricator as an operator specialized in various sectors: office doors, cladding facades with glass spandrel panels, in all possible variants adapted to meet the construction needs of the industrial building, a hotel, a hospital , a shopping center, etc..

The skills developed techniques of gluing various materials also allow ISOLEADER to be of service to Companies operating in other sectors such as road transport, marine and furniture. In these areas, special panels are used with aluminum honeycomb core and honeycomb polypropylene.

The machinery of which has ISOLEADER over the years, of which almost all CNC machines allows to obtain directly from the panels produced finished products with high quality and precision machining.
The whole structure of ISOLEADER work for the quality of the product by pointing to the complete satisfaction of the Customer; to guarantee that in 2012 ISOLEADER has obtained the certification of its quality management system.